The technical program co-chairs wish to acknowledge the Technical Program Committee and thank them for their hard work and dedication in service to the NAM.

Carbon Dioxide Conversion

Fanglin Che (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Stephen Schuyten (Johnson-Matthey)

Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis and Functionalization

Stephanie Kwon (Colorado School of Mines)

Beata Kilos (Dow)

Catalysis for Environmental Applications and Sustainable Nitrogen Chemistry

Nianqiang “Nick” Wu (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Chip Roberts (Toyota Motor North America)

Catalyst Design, Synthesis, and Manufacturing

Ana Alba-Rubio (Clemson)

C. Tyler Womble (Shell)

Bill Borghard (Rutgers)

Conversion of Hydrocarbon Feedstocks (Fossil & Polymers)

Viktor Cybulskis (Syracuse University)

Clark Miller (Phillips 66)

New and Advanced Methods in Catalyst Characterization

Brian Frederick (University of Maine)

Simon R. Bare (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

Conversion of Methane, Methanol, and Syngas

Carrie Farberow (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Mike Reynolds (Shell)

Conversion of Oxygenated Feedstocks (Biomass & Polymers)

Nat Eagan (Tufts University)

Matthew Wulfers (Phillips 66)

Electrocatalysis & Photocatalysis

Xiaowei Teng (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Craig Plaisance (Louisiana State University)

Fundamentals of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Christian Reece (Harvard University)

Hsi-Wu Wong (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Randall Meyer (ExxonMobil)

Homogeneous, Molecular, and Supramolecular Catalysis

Graham Dobereiner (Temple University)

Bert Chandler (Penn State University)

New Methods in Modeling, Simulation, and Machine Learning

Hongliang Xin (Virginia Tech)

Peng Bai (University of Massachusetts Amherst)