Keynote presentations are special talks that anchor each session, given by leaders in the respective fields of catalysis. The list of confirmed keynote speakers is given below:

Richard J. Lewis Cardiff University

Gold-Based Catalysts for Oxidation

In lieu of the 2022 Boudart Award Plenary Lecture by Graham J. Hutchings

Keiichi Tomishige Tohoku University Development of Heterogeneous Deoxydehydration Catalysts for Production of Biomass-Based Chemicals
Feng Jiao University of Delaware Electrochemical Systems for Carbon Dioxide Utilization
Ib Chorkendorff Technical University of Denmark Electrochemical Activation of Molecular Nitrogen to Ammonia: Scaling up
Karsten Reuter Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society First-Principles Based Modelling of Electrocatalysis Beyond the Potential of Zero Charge
Heather Kulik Massachusetts Institute of Technology Discovering Stable and Active Catalysts with Machine Learning and Community Knowledge
T. Brent Gunnoe University of Virginia Molecular Transition Metal Catalysts for Arene Alkylation and Alkenylation: Progress on Improved Catalysts and Mechanistic Understanding
Karen Wilson RMIT University Designing Multifunctional Catalysts for Cascade Reactions and Biorefining
Jean Beeckman Retired, Columbia, MD Catalyst Manufacturing Science – Challenges and Opportunities
Linda Broadbelt Northwestern University Developing Strategies for Polymer Redesign and Recycling Using Reaction Pathway Analysis
Donghai Mei Tiangong University Theoretical Insights into Low-Temperature NH3-SCR over Copper-Exchanged Small-Pore Zeolites
Ping Liu Brookhaven National Laboratory Copper-Based Catalysts for Selective Carbon Dioxide Activations: From Mechanistic Understanding to Catalyst Optimization
Akiro Yamakata Okayama University Defects for the Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity
Louise Olsson Chalmers University of Technology Insight into CO Influence on Passive NOx Adsorption over Pd/SSZ-13
Maarten Nachtegaal Paul Scherrer Institute Transient X-Ray Spectroscopy to Provide Insight in the Catalytic Active Site
John R. Lockemeyer Shell Global Solutions US The Shell Ethylene Oxide Catalyst Journey
Carsten Sievers Georgia Institute of Technology Fundamentals and Applications of Mechanocatalytic Processes
Unni Olsbye University of Oslo Oxygenate-Mediated Conversion of H2/COx to Hydrocarbons: Influence of Heteroatom and Gas Composition on Zeotype Performance
Anders Hellman Chalmers University of Technology Computationally-Led Design and Experimental Realization of Catalysts of Ethylene Epoxidation
John R. Regalbuto University of South Carolina From Deposited Metal Precursors to Supported Atoms or Nanoparticles
Susannah Scott UC Santa Barbara Catalytic Polyolefin Depolymerization to Value-Added Products
Justin Notestein Northwestern University Selective Oxidations over Nanostructured and Well-Defined Oxide Catalysts
Raul F. Lobo University of Delaware Gallium, Zinc, and Indium Speciation in Zeolite Catalysts for Light Alkane Dehydrogenation
Alec Wodkte University of Göttingen High Precision Kinetics of Elementary Surface Reactions: A New Tool for Understanding Heterogeneous Catalysis
Ilke Arslan Argonne National Laboratory Understanding Catalysts Using Advanced Methods in the Transmission Electron Microscope
Piotr Zelenay Los Alamos National Laboratory Platinum Group Metal-free Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation and Conversion
Jenny Yang University of California, Irvine CO2 Capture, Concentration, and Conversion